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Leading the community to peace one story at a time.

The dynamics of our team are professional healers and educators of the community. We are determined to offer time and energy with great intention to strengthen the minds, body, and spirit of the community. Broad Ambitions does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.


Dr. Rahsheda D. Perine, PhD Novelist. Clinical psychologist. has been a licensed Clinical Psychologist since 2001. She received her undergraduate degree from Florida A&M University and her Doctorate from the University of Maryland at College Park. Dr. Perine has taught at University of Southern Mississippi, Xavier University and Southern University in Baton Rouge and has conducted workshops regarding cultural diversity and issues related to mental health diagnoses and treatment. She has worked within the prisons, schools, nursing homes, and state organizations as a psychologist and in leadership capacity. She is also the former President of the Greater New Orleans Chapter of the Association of Black Psychologists. Dr. Perine currently practices at a behavioral health clinic in the Houston area and has a weekly mental health podcast, Da Mind Matters Podcast, and is always focused on healing the everyday mind.


 Taronce Knight, Originally from Louisiana has made Houston,TX home for 21 years. Receiving her Bachelors of Arts at Southern University at New Orleans in 2008, she continued her education earning a Masters in curriculum and instruction at University of Houston. She is currently a full-time first grade teacher in HISD. 


 Viktor Le Givens is a found object installation performance artist whose practice centers around the gathering and arrangement of ancestral objects to activate spaces for site specific public rituals. By connecting the material culture of his ancestors with pre and post modern spiritual theologies, le. Givens hopes to extend and reimagine the folk customs of his family . His material archive is comprised of the forgotten and discarded household items found during excavations of East Texas, Louisiana, Havana Cuba and Mexico City. . Through the accumulation of these rich cultural artifacts , le. Givens. seeks to create spaces that inspire the activation of cultural and spiritual memory.




 Niesha D. Bentley

Lead Acting Expert

 sole-proprietor of Bentley's House of Fame.  Niesha earned a ​Master of Liberal Arts in Drama ​at the University of St. Thomas, a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts at Southern University and A&M College, a ​Diploma in Writing for Children & Teens from the Institute of Children's Literature, and a Graduate Certificate in Paralegal Studies at Rice University's Glasscock School. All of Niesha's educational pursuits are prevalent in her coaching sessions. 


 Rhodesia Perine,

Lead Screenwriting Expert 
Studied at LSU and finished from Southern University of New Orleans with a Bachelors of Arts in Mass  communications and print Journalism. Rhodesia continued her career as a journalist for several years with the Final Call. She published her first book Picking and Blackberries in 2007 and 
currently has the fictional novel  Until You walked in My Genes  for sale on Amazon. She has directed and produced Cairo's Egypt releasing Summer 2022.

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 Darren Wallace, 

Lead Cinematographer 

 a writer and director from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. After Huriicane Katrina, he attended Xavier University of Louisiana in New Orleans receiving a BA in Communications/Broadcasting.

 He’s a Truman Capote Literary Trust Award recipient and has published work in the Maple Leaf Rag An Anthology of Poems. He received honors in Theology and creative writing.His most recent film, Savage vs. The Void, has played at 2015 AFROPUNK New York, the 2015 New Orleans International Film Festival, and the 2016 Black Star Film Festival. His artistic practice centers counter cultural perspectives that explore the intersections of race, class, gender, sexuality and their effect on the social and material conditions of black persons.

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Liz Grear  

Creative Writer Expert

received  honors in Theology and creative writing with a MFA from Columbia College Chicago with an emphasis on teaching. Her greatest passion is helping others find their voice through story, and to know that it holds significant power. Grear's 
publications include Hairtrigger, online at Hypertext Magazine, Everyday Fiction, and The Urbaness,  in the Chicago Tribune’s Printers Row. 

 Bashirah Perine, founded this organization based on a quote shared from the great Cesar Chavez...“We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community… Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own.” She is  a griot/playwright/percussionist/mother. She earned her Bachelor of Arts at Southern A&M University of Baton Rouge. In 2016, she completed her Texas teacher certification EC-12 in Theater. She expanded her education by leading Theater curriculum to middle and elementary schools in Texas. At the peak of the pandemic she founded Broad Ambitions May of 2020. She is presently leading remote social emotional learning workshops with court involved youth with Storycatchers Theatre. She surrounds herself with community involved individuals and humbled by their collaboration. 


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